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Polymermarketplace is a European company founded by a group of highly talented professionals with many years of experience in the polymer sales & e-commerce industries. We have merged our expertise in the plastics business with our technological knowledge to develop a simple and effective online business platform for selling polymer inventory to new and existing customers.


Polymermarketplace is a secure e-commerce platform that allows direct access between producers and customers in the plastics manufacturing industry. Our business-to-business platform is designed to facilitate the announcement, bidding and confirmation of sales between polymer producers and customers.

Polymermarketplace will simplify your sales processes and help connect customers to your inventory offerings. Key benefits include:

  • Marketplace availability 24/7 with full technical and business support;
  • Automatic offers to select customers that will lead to faster and larger sales;
  • Safely and securely control and customise sales opportunities by including your own incoterms, payment terms, freight costs, etc.;
  • Improve competition between traders and customers in auctions to increase prices;
  • Save transaction costs compared to using 3rd party sales personnel;
  • Customise offers to specific groups of buyers by product, grade, region and more;
  • Possible implementation with various enterprise resource planning software (i.e. SAP, Oracle);
  • Instant notifications of pending and confirmed transactions via e-alerts.