First of all, on behalf of the entire Polymermarketplace team, we wanted to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy 2021!  

New Year means a fresh start, a new beginning and the possibility to do things differently. In January 2020, none of us believed we would get accustomed to working remotely so rapidly. The old way of doing business had to be quickly re-invented. In order to successfully transition to working from kitchen counters and other makeshift home offices, we all turned to different digital tools to get us through our working day.

At Polymermarketplace, we play our part in digitalising an industry that has always questioned the need for digitalised sales platforms. When a digital platform is built with in-depth industry knowledge, the result is improved productivity, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience. In this article, we wanted to restate the importance of optimal productivity. The past 12 months have crystallised that optimal productivity cannot be achieved without the best tools to efficiently and effectively accomplish a given task.

Many of us enjoy bargaining or “haggling,” but the truth is that this is a very inefficient way of working. It requires a back and forth between parties, often relying on information each party doesn’t know the other one have. Oftentimes personal relationships play a part in this process as well, because one party invariably tries to play on familiarity and personal history. That raises the question: Is this the best way to achieve the maximum value for your products? Is haggling worth the hassle, particularly if other customers are waiting to take inventory off your hands? During this “game” of back and forward, productivity is lost. 

However, if you would invite all interested customers to an e-commerce platform and let them (the market) determine if there is interest in your inventory and let competition decide the best price, you would increase interest and reduce the time spend negotiating, creating a much more effective and productive process. By reducing the time it takes to identify a willing buyer and the market price, your sales team will have more time to strengthen existing customer relationships and find new customer leads. 

Are you ready to see how you can have a more productive sales team? 

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