Polymermarketplace is a European company founded by a group of talented professionals with many years of experience in the polymer sales and e-commerce industries. We merged our expertise in the plastics business with our technological knowledge to develop a simple and effective online business platform for selling polymer inventory to new and existing customers. We established our company because we saw a need for an intuitive and user-friendly e-commerce platform that can enhance sales in the polymers industry. As B2B e-commerce becomes more mainstream, our goal was to develop a ready-made e-commerce tool for companies that are looking to venture into the e-commerce arena but were hesitant due to the perceived complexity and expense in developing and maintaining such technology on their own. This was our opportunity and we seized it. We created a highly specialized e-commerce software for selling polymers and minimized the guess work being asked by leadership: how can we easily integrate a bold digital strategy with minimal expense and risk? The answer is Polymermarketplace.

Companies are acknowledging the immense potential of e-commerce with each passing day. The internet is now a mature business environment with more and more people becoming accustomed to making transactions through a variety of e-commerce portals. These are powerful tools of the 21st century that are creating many opportunities for those brave enough to take a chance. Business moves at a fast pace and companies willing to engage their customers quickly and efficiently through such technology stand to gain higher margins and unseen revenue opportunities. Polymermarketplace is here to help. We’ve done the work for you.

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