Create and Manage Offers

Sell online directly to customers through auctions or other offer types

Easy Setup and Use

Customize with your own branding and regional settings

Real-Time Analytics

Use tracking and reporting tools to drive sales and predict trends

“We were pleasantly surprised by the ease in integrating and implementing this complementary sales tool …Our customers have been very receptive and activity on our platform has been high”

— Mr. Bo Oxfeldt, Vice President Granules Beaulieu International Group
(Parent company of Polychim-Industrie)

Streamline your sales strategies


Global Sales Opportunities for the Polymers Industry

Successful companies must always search for ways to improve and become more competitive in an increasingly global market.  Polymermarketplace is no exception. We strive to be at the forefront of innovative e-commerce strategies by constantly thinking of new sales...

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Digital Sales. Your ally, not your adversary.

Sales strategies of today are much different than they were a century ago. An obvious statement considering that modern sales personnel can now reach customers with new tools that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Furthermore, attitudes about the role of the salesperson...

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