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Create and Manage Offers

Sell online directly to customers through
auctions or other offer types

Easy Setup and Use

Customize with your own branding and
regional settings

Real-Time Analytics

Use tracking and reporting tools to drive
sales and predict trends
Stream Line Your
Sales Strategies
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Safe and secure web-based platform with built-in encryption protocols

Offer grouped batches of different material

Instant notifications of pending and confirmed transactions via SMS and email

Organize your existing customer database into distinct client lists

Include your own incoterms, payment terms, freight costs, etc.

Integrates with popular ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle)

Customize offers to specific groups of buyers by product, grade, region and more

Use with Prime and Wide-Spec materials

Available 24/7 with full technical and business support

Create and
Manage Offers
Directly sell online
from anywhere
Easy Setup
and Use
and with regional settings
We were pleasantly surprised by the ease in integrating and implementing this complementary sales tool …
Our customers have been very receptive and activity on our platform has been high
Mr. Bo Oxfeldt,
Vice President Granules Beaulieu
International Group
(Parent company of Polychim-Industrie)
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