Create and Manage Offers

Sell online directly to customers through auctions or other offer types

Easy Setup and Use

Customize with your own branding and regional settings

Real-Time Analytics

Use tracking and reporting tools to drive sales and predict trends

“We were pleasantly surprised by the ease in integrating and implementing this complementary sales tool …Our customers have been very receptive and activity on our platform has been high”

— Mr. Bo Oxfeldt, Vice President Granules Beaulieu International Group
(Parent company of Polychim-Industrie)

Streamline your sales strategies


The Power of Data

Knowledge is power. How much you know about your customers and their purchasing behavior is critical to understanding their needs, as well as yours. The digital age has enabled businesses to better access and track key data points that can help improve efficiencies to...

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E-messages in the age of e-commerce

Have you ever closed a deal via email or text message? Ever used a chatting app or other popular social media tool to confirm the details of a business deal? What about use your personal telephone or email to communicate with company customers? These are realities of...

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Digital Strategies In The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is a trending topic that is becoming more relevant with each passing day. New regulations and environmental initiatives are driving companies to adopt policies that include recycled materials to their product line.  This "circular material" is a...

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