Can anyone access Polymermarket­place to buy polyolefin material?

Polymermarketplace is a ready-made B2B e-commerce platform specifically for selling polyolefin material. It is meant to be used as a complementary sales tool for companies that have polymer material to sell. As such, it is a closed e-commerce platform that requires you to have a valid username and password. You will have to meet the company’s criteria to become a registered user. Please contact your supplier’s sales administrator to ask if it is using Polymermarketplace and for information on how to register as a customer. Polymermarketplace does not have authority nor input over a supplier’s requirements for becoming a registered user.

How much does it cost to use Polymer­marketplace?

We offer our platform on a “pay-per-use” basis. That’s right. No fee unless you sell material with our technology. If you do, we charge a small percentage commission (0.90%) on the volume transacted on a monthly basis. That’s it. No minimum monthly service fees or other hidden charges. To add more certainty to your monthly expense, our commission rate is capped to not exceed a certain amount per metric ton sold. The fee is paid by the company using our platform, not the customers invited to transact business via the platform. Contact us for more information on pricing and to schedule a free demonstration.

Can Polymer­marketplace be customized to match my company’s branding?

Yes – Polymermarketplace is designed as a sales complement that can be customized to match your company’s branding, including placement of logos and color schemes. You can even use your own company domain name! The idea here is to ensure that your customers know they are dealing with your company when buying material and not a 3rd party sales agent. Please contact Polymermarketplace to learn more about company branding possibilities.

Can Polymer­marketplace be hosted within my organization?

Yes – Polymermarketplace can be hosted on our secure external servers OR on your own company servers. Our servers use encryption protocols to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized data breaches.

Can Polymer­marketplace be connected to existing CRM systems?

Yes – Polymermarketplace is designed to be compatible with existing CRM systems. In fact, our platform works best when it is synced with your back-end systems making the process of offering and confirming sales faster and easier. Please contact Polymermarketplace to learn more about integration possibilities with your CRM system.

Can Polymer­marketplace be integrated to existing ERP systems?

Yes – Polymermarketplace was designed and built to integrate with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and others. We do not provide actual integration services, but have a strategic partnership with ERP integration specialists to assist with integration issues. Costs for integration services are separate and distinct from those of Polymermarketplace. Please contact Polymermarketplace to learn more about ERP integration possibilities.

Does Polymer­marketplace offer 24/7 technical support?

Yes – Polymermarketplace representatives are available to answer technical questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can present your questions via a customer support email address, instant messaging or by calling. Questions related to product specifications or delivery should be directed to your commercial representatives for proper response.

Does Polymer­marketplace offer multilingual support?

Polymermarketplace allows users to set language preferences for the platform interface via the settings tab.  This will change the interface and emails generated from the platform to the preferred language  Live e-mail and technical support is only offered in English.

How can Polymer­marketplace reduce my costs?

Polymermarketplace can minimize certain costs in your sales chain, including, but not limited to: warehousing costs, sales personnel costs, back office (administration) costs, fixed overhead costs, financing costs and many more. Contact Polymermarketplace to learn more about how our technology can provide greater cost savings and increased sales margins.

Is it possible to handle invoices & payments through Polymermarket­place?

No – Polymermarketplace is a B2B e-commerce platform that allows direct access between producers and customers. Our technology facilitates the sale process – from offer to order confirmation. All invoices and payments are handled by the producer/supplier using our technology. Polymermarketplace is not a buying nor a selling party in any of the transactions handled through our platform.

Does Polymer­marketplace support multiple time zones?

Yes – Polymermarketplace offers a real-time time zone converter that allows a user to make offers and bids from different time zones. This reduces the chances of a miscalculation of an offer-bid start and end time by the user.

Can Polymer­marketplace be used in various global regions?

Yes – As long as you have a connection to the internet, Polymermarketplace can be accessed everywhere… anywhere… anytime…

Can Polymer­marketplace be used on mobile devices?

Yes – Polymermarketplace offers both standard and mobile website access. It automatically detects if you are accessing the platform via a desktop or mobile device and adjusts the interface to fit the device. Our team is developing a native mobile app for administrators.

Can I view the status of my pending orders on Polymermarket­place?

Yes – Polymermarketplace allows quick access to bid and order history. Users can easily identify if they have the leading bid in an auction or if their winning bid has been confirmed. Users can also select to be notified of new offers and status of bids via SMS messages on their mobile telephone.

Is there a fee for using customer or technical support?

No – Technical and customer support is included in our monthly service fee. Customers can contact Polymermarketplace 24/7 free of charge.

How can Polymer­marketplace be implemented into my existing system?

Our platform can be easily integrated into your existing web site or by creating a separate domain name to house the platform. The idea here is that your customers will know they are interacting with your company and not a 3rd party agent. In addition, we have a strategic partnership with a group of qualified ERP integration specialists to assist with all backend integration issues (separate costs apply). Polymermarketplace also offers dedicated support and training of sales personnel about best practices & sales techniques to maximize the impact Polymermarketplace will have on your sales efforts.

What support does Polymermarket­place provide before, during and after implementation?

Our team is ready to work with you to overcome any change management concerns. We will guide your organization through the process of implementing and using our powerful technology to ensure you achieve maximum results.

Can Polymer­marketplace provide custom features to service my company’s needs?

Yes – Polymermarketplace can provide custom features and functionalities to fit your company’s needs. For example, you may wish to add invoice and delivery tracking services. Separate development costs for additional features and functionalities may be applicable. Contact Polymermarketplace to discuss questions about custom development and associated costs.

How long does integration of Polymermarket­place with my company’s ERP system take?

It is difficult to assess your ERP integration needs without knowing your company’s system requirements. Please contact Polymermarketplace to discuss your ERP integration questions and associated costs.

Can I ask you another question?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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