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We are pleased to introduce Ms. Leila Oksanen. In 2019, Leila joined us as a commercial advisor, and it soon became clear she had established herself as a pillar in our company. Before joining Polymermarketplace, Leila spent 15 years with Lyondellbasell, where she was responsible for managing the company’s e-business platform and other important commercial responsibilities. We know wholeheartedly she is capable of taking PMP to the next level.

Leila’s message to our readers

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with a team of highly-talented professionals who have done a great job establishing the PMP brand in the marketplace. In particular, I wanted to thank Neifor Acosta for his energy and dedication to making Polymermarketplace a recognised name in the industry over the last five years.

We see the digitalisation trend rapidly accelerating as today’s leaders are taking the necessary steps toward establishing new ways of conducting B2B business. This creates new opportunities for many of us who have been preaching about digitalisation for many years.

What makes Polymermarketplace unique in the polymers industry? Undoubtedly it is the team, the energy we have, but above all, it’s the combination of industry knowledge and innovative software development. 

Our strengths are our experts, who come from the industry, who know what we are doing and what the polymers industry requires.

Our power is the speed at which we are able to adapt to various global markets and the detail of customisation we are able to achieve in a short time. We believe in a closed e-platform, where the seller has 100 percent control of the customers and sales and we help ensure prices are maximised through various offers and stategies. Working with an intelligent e-commerce platform avoids unnecesary market noise and cannibalisation of direct sales channels.

The petrochemical industry tends to be a more conservative segment, where new digital platforms can take years to develop. While this can be frustrating and an expensive showstopper for many in the project chain, this is where we at PMP fit in.

We offer a risk-free industry-specific sales platform with minimal project management required from customers. We provide the bulk of the change management guidance for both internal and external use, including customised online manuals integrated directly in the platform. 

We are continuously working to make PMP stand out from other platforms by offering innovative features. One of our latest features, Intelligent Analysis, gathers all the historical user behaviour and prompts the seller to include all the customer options into one offer.

In our next release we will be introducing WhatsApp and WeChat bidding and ordering automisations, which will become a standard on our platform for all our customers. We are continuosly working to satisfy our customers and the evolving market.”

In the coming months we plan to share more news about our latest features and technical developments through our social network and also on our newsletters.

Stay tuned,

PMP team