The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward

The “lockdown” continues and there are some indications it will likely extend well into 2020.  Thousands of businesses are planning and working hard to maintain some sense of normalcy as they adapt to these challenging circumstances. Telecommuting is now a norm for most lucky enough to still be gainfully employed. Businesses are taking note of the lessons learned and there is now even talk among legislators contemplating a right to work remotely.

When; not if, but when, society embraces the concept of teleworking, will your business be ready to meet the challenge? Some analysts point to Asian markets as an example of how the increased adoption of new technologies, from e-commerce to remote working and learning tools, will be the path towards the new normal.

The polymers industry has not been immune to the major disruption of the current crisis. Demand for certain material is high and climbing, but demand is also shifting among different sectors. Many along the supply chain are trying to figure out how best to exploit the current circumstance. The drastic drop in prices have also contributed to a perfect storm that will force companies to take a hard look at existing practices. Industry leaders should be making time to explore innovative ways to overcome the change that has been forced upon the old way of doing business. It is the best way to look forward to the day when things get back to “normal.”  As the renowned theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, said: intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

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