Sales strategies of today are much different than they were a century ago. An obvious statement considering that modern sales personnel can now reach customers with new tools that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. Furthermore, attitudes about the role of the salesperson have changed and consumer buying behavior is different. And yet there are those who believe that new digital technologies are not the future of how businesses should interact with customers, particularly in B2B transactions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sales methods have evolved over the years to embrace the new tools of their time. Think of the telephone, facsimile and email. Each had its moment in history. And now in the 21st century, businesses have an opportunity to embrace the latest technology trends of digitization and e-commerce; both of which should be viewed as necessary allies, not adversaries.

There is no question that digital sales channels have a place in the sales value chain. They are quickly becoming the norm in B2B transactions. By contrast, B2C transactions have already embraced this trend and are further along the digital evolution with proven success. It should come as no surprise that parties in B2B sales have been influenced by their experiences in the online consumer world and thus are increasingly expecting a similar experience in B2B transactions. These changing expectations are forcing an evolution in B2B sales as evidenced by the shrinking portion of B2B buyers that need in-person support when making basic repeat purchase decisions. In a fast paced world, productivity and efficiency are keys to success.

Polymermarketplace was developed with these needs in mind and for your digital future today. Our digital e-commerce platform adds yet another tool to your sales strategy toolbox that will give you greater options in the modern digital economy.

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