The Circular Economy is a trending topic that is becoming more relevant with each passing day. New regulations and environmental initiatives are driving companies to adopt policies that include recycled materials to their product line.  This “circular material” is a reality that will impact the industry in the years to come with some industry leaders even suggesting that “used plastics should be considered a valuable raw material.”

Producers and other players in the value chain are investing substantial efforts to lead the way in collecting and producing “circular material.” This will likely create new commercial challenges. What is the best way to introduce and sell this material? Will “circular material” compete with traditional material? Will customers require the same level of enticement to purchase this material?

Digital platforms can support the new commercial strategies needed to sell “circular material” with minimal effort and expense. Companies can easily notify and sell this new inventory to waiting customers with limited use of the traditional sales value chain.

Things to consider as the circular economy gains momentum in the industry. Polymermarketplace is a powerful asset to have as your businesses considers its place in the circular economy.