As the digital revolution marches on, managers can sometimes feel pressure to jump on board for all the wrong reasons. Misperceived complexity, resistance to change and unknown risks are some of the reasons why digital transformation can seem overwhelming. In addition, many managers do not feel equipped to take the necessary steps to lead a digital transformation within their organization. This is why now more than ever, organizations need leaders not managers to pursue their digital transformation goals.

Leaders see the future whereas managers are mired in the present, or worse, the past. Successful organizations that want to engage their own digital transformation should foster leadership within their ranks to create a mindset that suits the fast-paced environment of the 21st century. This requires an active chain of participation from the entire business, not just the IT team. If done correctly, the rewards can be quite high. The research is in: digital transformation initiatives will contribute to an increasingly efficient working process as well as increase worker productivity.  On the flip side, digital transformation initiatives can significantly improve customer and user experience.

Leaders always look for solutions that improve the bottom line. Digital transformation does not have to be high risk proposition involving great disruption and expense to your organization. There are alternatives to testing the digital waters that are far short of setting up entire teams that take up lots of company resources. The challenge is giving organizational leaders the flexibility to consider and test available options that offer minimal risk if things don’t turn out as expected. This attitudinal shift will create a tremendous value for customers and industry stakeholders alike. Not to mention provide a competitive edge over those that refuse to react to the oncoming wave of analog irrelevancy.

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