Digitalization continues to be a trending topic in the polymers industry. It’s about time. No matter how much industry stalwarts refuse to acknowledge the changing way of doing business, digitalization is here and it is now. Is your business stuck on an analog road or is it merging onto the digital highway?

Industry leader, BASF, recently announced the founding of a digital subsidiary in Spain. Its purpose is “to enhance and broaden [BASF’s] digital competencies;” an acknowledgment that digitalization is a key element of its corporate strategy. Other industry leaders are not falling far behind. This year’s Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Supply Chain Conference is dedicating a large part of this year’s program to digitalization and new technologies. Representatives of Microsoft and Maersk, to name a few, will be highlighting the importance of digitalization to empowering responsiveness and enhancing the customer experience. Our representatives will be there to share ideas on how your business can easily integrate current digitalization trends to your company’s commercial efforts.

Digitalization is happening now. Your business should be actively exploring ideas to upgrade to the modern digital economy. Don’t get left behind. The price of catching up is greater than the price of getting started.


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