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Learn more about Polymermarketplace

E-commerce software for
B2B polymer sales

Watch our video for an overview, or scroll down to find out about the features and benefits of integrating Polymermarketplace e-commerce software into your polymer sales strategy.

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Safe and secure web-based platform with built-in encryption protocols

Organize your existing customer database into distinct client lists

Customize offers to specific groups of buyers by product, grade, region and more

Offer grouped batches of different material


Include your own incoterms, payment terms, freight costs, etc.


Use with Prime and Wide-Spec materials

Instant notifications of pending and confirmed transactions via SMS and email

Integrates with popular ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle)

Available 24/7 with full technical and business support


Select materials
Select offer type
Invite customers
Track highest bids
Confirm your sales!

Example Offer Types:

Single Offers (to a specific customer)

Basic auctions allowing select customers to participate

First Bid Win & Multiple-Bid Highest Wins:
Special auction types for enhanced sales strategies

On Demand:
Consider customer requests


• Improve competition among customers through auctions to maximize market prices

• Save on per-transaction costs

• Work from anywhere with mobile access

• Enables you to quickly scale up and move more inventory

• Spend more time on customer service and generating new leads

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