E-business is well past its infancy having now grown beyond the interest of trendsetting newbies. Changing business habits and evolving commercial expectations are forcing many key players in the petrochemical industry to seriously look into digital strategies. Industry leaders such as Lyondell-Basell, Borealis, Sinochem and other major players have already entered the arena with great success, while others are still suffering paralysis by analysis. It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are a number of options available to companies looking to engage the digital revolution. These range from simple electronic bulletin boards announcing availability of material to more robust sales platforms.  Naturally, some are better than others.  Most require a substantial investment of time and resources to develop and maintain.  But not all.

As more “open style” platforms become available, there is a risk of being lured into relinquishing control over how you sell material to your customers. Instead, seize the opportunity of the modern digital economy to strengthen your leverage when selling material. Polymermarketplace is a game changer because you now have a ready-made tool that will give your company complete control over the digital interactions with your customers. Do more with less. Your business will be better served by having an active system that allows you to contact customers with offers as opposed to a passive system that leaves you waiting for customers to contact you. Furthermore, by using your own digital sales tool you can better maintain and manage your data points to determine which customers are most interested in your material and which material is in most demand during changing market cycles.

When implemented correctly, successful digital strategies increase product demand and reduce the need for commissions or brokering fees. And using e-commerce platforms will help you manage pricing transparency that is often affected by market dynamics. Make no mistake; technology is better suited to cope with the pace of price changes in an increasingly competitive market.

Is your business ready to claim an untapped source of revenue? Something to think about as you wind down the year and face the future.  It’s never been easier to upgrade your sales strategy to meet the digital age.


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