Innovation lies at the heart of Polymermarketplace. Since the company launched, we have aimed to innovate in any way we possibly can. We embrace this approach to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible. As we are seeing a rapid interest in our digital platform, we wanted to dedicate this article to providing insight into a few of the functionalities Polymermarketplace offers, both on the client and administrator sides. 

Below are some highlights on administrator side:

  • Generic yet customisable: Every customer operates in a different way. We can safely say that, although the same codebase is distributed across our clientele, due to the behaviour of the Polymermarketplace we are able to set up a unique experience for each of our customers. From the simplest aspects like date formats and custom branding to difficult features like bidding per destination restrictions on delivery ports, unique offer types, etc., we can handle it all.
  • Multi regions: A customer can opt to sell material domestic or export it across borders. It’s not uncommon for our clients to sell in the European Union, North America, Asia Pacific or elsewhere around the world.
  • 13 offer types: The administrator can choose up to 13 different offer types to its client base. Each offer type can still be modified and adapted. One example would be to bid on full transports, partial quantity, and so forth, which ensures there are endless possibilities to combine each offer type according to the needs of that particular client and moment.
  • Time zones: As most administrators operate in different regions, and their customers are based all over the world, we made sure a complete-time zone functionality is in place. This ensures that every customer or administrator can see the offers available in their time zone and bid accordingly, saving a lot of headaches and confusion.
  • On-premise or in the cloud: We value keeping the data of our clients safe, and we provide two ways to do so. One option is to host the data in the cloud, while the other maintains storage on premise at the client’s location. 
  • Reporting: The administrator has multiple ways of identifying live trends to steer sales discussions and better understand customer behaviour.
  • Intelligent Analysis: Polymermarketplace recently introduced a tool called Intelligent Analysis, which is available to all customers. This functionality enables the administrator to make new offers based on the history previously gathered. Customer behaviour, number of days until the sale, ports, material types, pricing, etc. is all readily available.  Based on this information, the system will help the administrator create an optimised offer with a higher sale percentage. As the administrator is always in control, this generated offer is only a suggestion, certainly not an obligation. With the use of Intelligent Analysis, a better sales offer could be established for both parties involved. 

The customer side offers the following features:

  • Ease of use: The buying process should be as easy as possible, and therefore Polymermarketplace ensures all necessary and relevant information is divided in a structural way. All the algorithms the system counts on are handled on the backend. This enables the customer to make bids, view material details, calculate the number of trucks and containers, show the freight costs attached to the destination, and so much more. Without a manual, a customer can easily make bids. As it’s so easy to use, the administrator can be introduced to more clients than they would have before. Many start with only a handful of clients at first, but the client base exponentially expands, as they know introducing a new client is so easy.
  • Multiple devices: Polymermarketplace works on PC and mobile devices. The system will detect from where the customer is logging on, resulting in an optimised experience.
  • Automatic bidding: At Polymermarketplace, we are aware the customer does not always have time to sit for lengthy periods in front of their PC or mobile. That’s why we introduced an automatic bidding process where the system will bid for the customer if a higher bid is placed.
  • WeChat and WhatsApp: We are very excited to announce we are introducing a new way of making bids on the client side. Polymermarketplace will soon roll out a new version that enables the client to make bids on WhatsApp and WeChat. Polymermarketplace will be the first company in the industry that enables popular chat programs to make bids. And as usual, Polymermarketplace foreshadowed each company will have its own needs when it comes to this new functionality. For example, with a single click, the tool can be used to communicate with a sales representative, or be forwarded to anyone within the company. This is all possible thanks to the menu maker we build in-house, which can be altered completely based on the company’s needs.

As Polymermartketplace is an important asset to close sales and expand the customer base of our clients, we strive to make the entire process unique. We are therefore always innovating in ways that is not yet seen in the industry, and that’s our promise for the future. If you are interested in finding out more about us, contact us at [email protected].