Greetings from the middle of a second lockdown! We hope you are coping, despite restrictions in your country.

Have you considered transitioning to digital sales to help your team sell and close deals more efficiently, without adding additional layers of internal communication before finalising the sale?

Our core business focuses on the development and implementation of linear B2B digital sales platforms. Now that the opportunity to travel and hold face-to-face meetings seems like light years away, the necessity of doing business differently has become clear. Naturally, you still need regular contact with clients, but we are seeing a shift in communication preferences, from verbal to written methods. In particular, younger generations prefer written communication.

Here are some questions you may have already asked yourself:

  • Will I save costs by going digital? 
  • Will my inventory management be more transparent and up to date if I go digital? 
  • How will I instantly know what is available, reserved or sold without sending multiple emails? 
  • How can I mitigate duplicate sales?  
  • How can I avoid showcasing my entire inventory (as this will only deteriorate my pricing potential)? 
  • How can I conduct deals in the most efficient manner, yet still maximise price? 
  • Do I have to wait for the customer to send their purchase order before entering the order in the backend system? 
  • Is digital confirmation legally binding? 
  • How can I instantly confirm an offer from my client in a different time zone?   
  • How can I simultaneously talk to my clients and view my inventory, so I can make an offer on the spot? 

These are just a few questions our team answers daily. Do not hesitate to contact us for more advice. 

At the beginning of 2020, we held one of our team meetings.  The focus was on industry megatrends and to brainstorm how our expertise in digitalisation of the polymer industry can match the European Commission’s regulatory initiative. In 2020 EU legislation announced digitalisation is the key driving force to transform transparency and competitiveness of certain sectors. 

The main question we had to ask was, how can the technology we have today be used as a trampoline to aim higher and find a digital solution? Can we assist in standardising the nomenclature of the current recycled and circular materials sold? This is where the creation of an affordable and secure open platform to buy and sell certified circular materials was born. 

As I’m writing this, we are only days away from launching the Beta version of Circular in Motion. This blockchain-enabled platform will be revolutionary. The platform has two specific goals:

  1. to enable everyone, regardless of size or location, to post their materials and products on the platform to enhance customer reach and improve margins;
  2. to help buyers and sellers better understand what qualities are required.

By having a platform where buyers can initiate specific quality and quantity demands, suppliers of circular materials are able to improve the understanding of what the buyers require and therefore to offer more accurate materials into the market. 

Are the two platforms, Polymermarketplace and Circular In Motion, similar and interconnected? Yes and no. 

Circular in Motion is based on the strong technical knowledge of Polymermarketplace and the team’s understanding of the industry, as well as the fact that successful platforms need to be user friendly, connectable to any ERP system and easy to implement.  

The main difference is the ability for everyone to sell and buy circular materials. The technology enables a company to connect their internal processes to a digital platform. With blockchain capabilities, the linear processes will be integrated into a complete value chain without significant investment. If a company already works with blockchain technology, it will enable companies to use an external system to sell, and connect with the internal blockchains automatically (done through webhooks). The blockchains are kept in a cloud environment, and each material offered will be part of a value chain presented in a Sankey diagram. 

Sign up on the website to receive updates. Interested in posting your certified circular materials? We are looking for content. Please reach out if you would like to take advantage of the free Beta platform.

Polymermarketplace Team