Polymermarketplace logoPolymermarketplace B.V. announces the introduction of its new B2B e-commerce platform specifically designed to simplify and enhance sales opportunities in the plastics industry.

Polymermarketplace provides a fast, easy and secure way for producers of polyolefin products to announce and sell
available inventory to their waiting customers.

Polymermarketplace provides the following key benefits:

  • Availability 24/7, with full technical and business support
  • Automatic offers to chosen customers that will lead to faster and larger sales
  • Enhance competition between customers by offering auctions resulting in increased prices
  • On-Demand functionality allowing customers to directly contact producers and make a proposal to
    purchase material subject to producer’s acceptance and approval
  • Save on transaction costs compared to using 3rd party sales personnel
  • Safely and securely control and customise sales opportunities by including select incoterms,
    customer payment terms, freight costs, etc.
  • Customise inventory offerings to specific groups of buyers by product, grade, region and more
  • Possible integration with various enterprise resource planning software (i.e. SAP, Oracle)
  • Instant notifications of pending and confirmed transactions via e-alerts

Polymermarketplace is a European company founded by a group of professionals with many years of experience in the polymer sales and e-commerce industries. We have merged our expertise in the plastics business with our technological knowledge to develop a simple and effective online business platform that will enhance your sales efforts and become an industry standard for online offerings of polymer inventory to new and existing customers.

Visit www.polymermarketplace.com or contact us directly for more information about how Polymermarketplace will revolutionise the polymer industry’s sales process and deliver its future.

Contact Neifor B. Acosta, CEO at [email protected]