Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Polymermarketplace B.V. is proud to announce that it is powering the new e-commerce platform for Polychim-Industrie S.A.S. – Polychim-Direct. Neifor B. Acosta, CEO of Polymermarketplace B.V. confirmed that “our B2B e-commerce technology was successfully deployed on June 6, 2016 without any complications. Initial responses have been very positive and encouraging.”

Polychim-Direct custom login screen

“We are extremely pleased with the initial results since going live with Polychim-Direct” said Mr. Bo Oxfeldt, Vice President-Granules at Beaulieu International Group, the parent company of Polychim-Industrie. “We were pleasantly surprised with the ease in integrating and implementing this complementary sales tool for selling our polypropylene wide-spec and selected prime grade offerings. Our customers have been very receptive and activity on our platform has been high” said Oxfeldt. “This technology allows near instant access to information pertaining to demand and pricing trends for our material. We launched Polychim-Direct with a limited number of select customers and based on the positive experience we will invite further customers to use Polychim-Direct. Having worked with similar systems in the past, I was pleased to discover there existed a simple and cost effective alternative to developing and maintaining this type of technology in-house. I believe this is the future of polymer sales, particularly for offering wide-spec and slow moving products.”

“We are finalizing terms with other producers, distributors and trading companies that have also expressed an interest in making use of this powerful technology” said Acosta. “I am thrilled to see that assumptions about using an e-commerce platform to sell material have proven to be correct. The market is ready. Customers are ready. Any company with material to sell that fails to consider the possibility of using an e-commerce tool to complement its sales practices simply wants to be left behind.”

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Contact: Neifor B. Acosta, CEO, [email protected]