Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Polymermarketplace B.V. is thrilled to announce that it is now powering the e-commerce platform for one of the largest global polymer producers, Braskem S.A. Neifor B. Acosta, CEO of Polymermarketplace B.V. confirms that “digital innovations continue to gain favor in the industry. We firmly believe that certain aspects in the sales value chain can benefit tremendously from digitalization. Our new global client understands this and was willing to put our technology to the test when it successfully deployed its B2B e-commerce platform on April 1, 2019. The initial responses have been very positive.”

The importance of digitalization cannot be understated. The appeal of Polymermarketplace is that it can deliver a ready-made solution that is relevant, proven and reliable. “The rollout response from both our client and its customers have been positive” said Acosta.

“Braskem prides itself in being an industry leader on various fronts and the digital frontier is no exception. This is why we felt that Polymermarketplace could be an attractive solution for Braskem, and any other company contemplating its own digital initiative. It’s a great way to test the commercial viability of using an e-commerce tool with minimal cost and risk” said Acosta.

Neifor B. Acosta, CEO of Polymermarketplace B.V.

“As with many of our previous clients, there is a bit of scepticism on the value of using a digital platform to sell material. This is why we allow for ample opportunity to understand, test and train before going live with real offers. It’s all up to the client. The good thing is that Polymermarketplace does most of the work for you. All it takes is a bit of courage to take the next steps towards the digital frontier” said Acosta.

Digital tools are the future. The polymers industry is finally taking note of the importance of integrating digital solutions as a way to expand market share and improve efficiencies in their global operations.

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