Is your business ready to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience? 

Optimal productivity, by definition, cannot be achieved without the best tools to accomplish a given task efficiently and effectively. The constant in this analysis is time, because time does not discriminate. Achieving efficiency is about maximizing the number of hours spent productively in a day, whether it’s making sales calls, visiting clients or closing a deal. Analyzing these points will help determine how effectively you are allocating your resources to achieve your goals.

The nature of bargaining or “haggling” is an inefficient process. It requires a back and forth between parties often relying on information each party doesn’t know you have. Personal relationships often times, play a part in this process because one party invariably tries to play on familiarity and personal history. Is this the best way to achieve the maximum value for your products? Is haggling worth the hassle, particularly if there are other customers waiting to take inventory off your hands? This is often times where productivity is lost. It’s far more efficient to invite interested customers to your e-commerce platform and let them (the market) determine if there is interest in your inventory and let competition decide what the best price is. By reducing the time it takes to identify a willing buyer and the market price, your sales team will have more time to strengthen existing customer relationships and find new customer leads. 

The digital age has given you tools to help you achieve just that.