Time really flies even if we are sitting in our home offices and not going anywhere. How did we ever manage to travel for work and still get our regular work completed before we were all grounded? How will work be when we find our freedom again? 

Will all the office space still be utilised or will the home offices be the new norm? Will we want to travel as much as before or are we content with less travel, seeing less of our customers face-to-face versus online, and having increased control of our work-life balance? 

Lots of questions out there. One thing is for sure, the majority of the companies will need to operate differently in many areas.

As a software company for the petrochemicals industry, we see a positive shift in how e-commerce platforms are perceived today. There certainly are plenty of platforms to choose from. 

To help you make this decision easier when looking at different platforms, make sure you ask yourself these questions: 

  • Can the platform guarantee the return on your investment? 
  • Does it offer the possibility to brand it with your company’s logo and meets all my business requirements?
  • Does it provide instant feedback on the current market pricing and product demand?
  • Is it 100% secure?
  • Does it offer 24/7 technical support? 
  • Do I have support when it comes to implementing it and adapting it to my current systems? 

If you are asking any of these questions you are setting your company the right parameters to start the e-commerce journey.

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You can also get some of the questions answered in our FAQ section.